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RDP timeout / black screen

  • Hi,

    We are having simillar issues as described in this old post..


    Is there an official fix for that? We are running 6.3 and also had the dame issue on 6.2 in the past.

    Any input on this much appreciated.


  • I have seen this happen in the past for the following reason:

    'Minutes of inactivity before a user session expires' setting in the system module > logon policy page.

    If there is inactivity within the vsa even during the RDP session and the inactivity time period specified is surpassed, then the session will close for security reasons.

  • Hi Tito,

    Thanks for your reply. This value is actually set to 8 hours so it can't cause the issue.

    Some of our agents will disconnect RDP session after 2-3 min of inactivity which is very frustrating for all engineers.