I have a single public IP address and am hosting my company web site from it. My Kaseya server is hosted on a different internal server than the web server.

I have some forwarding rules that allow the Agent port(5721) to route through my firewall to the internal Kaseya server and a rule to allow remote access to the admin pages on my internal kaseya server on a non-standard port(5722).

The "Contact Administrator" option on the Agent Menu sends the client to the default "https://www.mysite.com" for trouble ticket creation. This obviously doesn't work.

If I change the "Web_Server_Name" value in the KaseyaD.ini file to point the Agent to https://www.mysite.com:5722, it is overwritten on the next Agent refresh with the default, https://www.mysite.com.

Where can I edit this value on the server? Will I have to go into the database and edit it?

I have searched in vain to find the correct syntax to put in a custom URL using the and for the clients.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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