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Installing Linux Agent on older Ubuntu 8.04

  • I have a challenge with a customer wanting to audit the current older Ubuntu 8.04 servers before taking actions on how to upgrade. I know they are not supported by the Kaseya Linux Agent, but my question is: can we still be able to install?

  • Hi,

    The reason we don't support Ubuntu 8.04 is because it is an End of Life version.  We did support 8.04 as recently as Kaseya v6.2 so it is possible that the agent will work, but that we just don't officially support it.  There may be Kaseya 6.3 features and functionality that don't work properly but setup an Ubuntu 8.04 system and try and install the agent to find out if what you need as far as auditing does work.  It may, but no guarantee!



  • Hi,

    To be more specific, we dropped support for Ubuntu 8.04 when Canonical did. What does that mean to a Kaseya user? If they had an agent running on 8.04 it will continue to run. This is true for both 6.2 and 6.3 agents.

    The area where support becomes an issue is if a customer wants to install a new agent on an existing Ubuntu 8.04 system. The limitation here is that the agent requires various dynamic libraries to run. If the Ubuntu 8.04 system contains these libraries, then the agent can be installed. If the system doesn't contain these dynamic libraries, then agent installation will fail. Why? Because the agent components won't run without the missing libraries and the libraries are not (officially) available for an EOL'ed Linux distribution.

    In reality, most 32-bit Ubuntu 8.04 systems probably have the packages required to install and run the agent. The agent icon (a program called KaUsrTsk) may not run as it requires many more libraries not always present on Ubuntu systems. If the Ubuntu system is a 64-bit system, then its even more likely the install will fail as the required libraries are mostly 32-bit libraries.