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Schedule a procedure to run inside another procedure after reboot?

  • Hello,

    I am working on uninstalling java then reboot then install java using procedures. I have two built, one for uninstall and reboot, one for logoff current user and install. I would like to be able to schedule the uninstall and have it trigger or schedule the install after its finished. Any ideas?

  • Absolutely ... the ONLY way to do this is to have the first procedure schedule a time for the second procedure ... say in 15 minutes (or longer for slow boot servers) .... THEN do the reboot ...

    Unfortunately we are limited to this method because the Reboot command has to be the last command given in a script ...

    There is another method, more complicated however.  You can also set a registry key for startup to run a batch script, or program that will run the rest of your script for you to do the install.

    The first by far is easier, but may not always work if the end point never comes back up online.

  • Tom is absolutely correct, the easiest, and likely the most efficient manner is to have it the 2nd last step in your procedure to schedule for 5 minutes later, or whatever you find works. I have a script that one of the first steps it does is actually disables a specific local user account that is used by the user, and then set the registry values for bogon disclaimer so it appears automatically basically to tell them to not use the system. Because I want it to always show that message while the script is running I force a restart before the main script starts to execute.

  • Java.zip

    I've done those scripts some times ago... Maybe It's should help you to forget Java...

  • Of course, you should plan to launch every 15 days on the same workstations and then use the Updater... I'm planning to download the Mac Os and Linux version in the powershell scripts as well then adapt the procedure for installing the java update... one day maybe