so i make a template and once i copy it over to the system i want it on. itremove all hardware drives right off the bat and then a little after that it sends me a email alert tell me that they drivers are back but sometime the hardware is not even seen on the system they dont come back unless i go and remove them from the Device manager and restart ever time i want to rign one of the Devices back.

plusfrom then forward on i get alert email ever time something is added or removed form the system software or driver wiseis anyone elso had this problem it make me not feel safe to send out these templates i have only runthemon fresh new test machines

here is a example of the alert

New applications are:

C:\Program Files\ImTOO\MPEG Encoder 3\avc.exe C:\Program Files\ImTOO\MPEG Encoder 3\psp-video-manager\pvm.exe C:\Program Files\ImTOO\MPEG Encoder 3\Uninstall.exe C:\Program Files\ImTOO\MPEG Encoder 3\vcw.exe C:\Program Files\ImTOO\MPEG Encoder 3\videoenc.exe

Removed applications are:

thank you so much for reading this let me know please need help ASAP :?


God Bless

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