Kaseya Community

What kind of personal accomplishments have your performed with Kaseya?

  • I am interested in sharing our achievements that we have reached while mastering Kaseya!

    I currently have 13,000 Windows machines with less than 500 behind 40 Kaseya approved patches.

    I have also made identifying Exchange server versions automatic via KPM.

    The product may not be perfect, but some of us are pretty awesome at it!


  • 13,000 !! I would have loved to have made that sale !!!

  • This is a combined count :D

  • This one seemed to be a big hit: community.kaseya.com/.../79144.aspx

    No more worrying about clocks syncing or tickets related to time.

  • Manage Windows Firewall on roughly 2k workstations using kaseya.

    Do it with about 20 agent procedures and policy management.

  • That sounds like loads of fun Elliot lol.