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Migrate Machine Account IDs from 5.1 to new 6.3 server

  • I am looking for a simple way to copy / migrate 200+ machine accounts from an existing 5.1 server to a new 6.3 server.  I am going to retire the 5.3 server's hardware soon.  I wish to not bring over all of the history from the machines on the 5.1 server.  I only want to migrate the machine accounts.  I was able to point a 5.1 agent to the new 6.3 server on a different port which then successfully checked in to the new server but I was unable to get the agent to update.  The Update Agent process never would run.  Maybe it has to do with it being a 5.1 agent.

    Any ideas?



  • Any reason why you can't just run the 6.3 installer and upgrade the server ?

  • If you're not looking to transfer history, why don't you use your 5.1 server to push out a 6.3 agent using a simple agent procedure/script?  The 6.3 agent will check in then you can delete the 5.1 agent.

    @Paul - Unfortunately you can't go directly from 5.1 to 6.3.