Something has came up that I am curious about. We went to update our client icons a day or so ago and after we did this an error would pop up that stated "C:\Program" would cause problems with other programs and would you like to rename to "C:\Program1" to fix this problem." Course thats not verbatim but awful close. Well here is what I found.. There was a folder created called C:\Program that you can not see from the explorer program, you have to go to a DOS prompt. This is an easy fix, all you have to do is delete the folder, however, we have seen this cause major problems for programs. Especially Peachtree.

Now here is what we thing is going on. There is a script of some sorts in Kaseya that is running and is trying to run to C:\Program FIles\Kaseya however there may be quotes missing. Thats what it seems like to me. You know when you run a script without the quotes when your going to a directory that has spaces it gets a tad upset.

Just wanted to post this here so that if anyone else is having these issues you will be aware of what we found and also to Kaseya so that they can see if they have any script issues.

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