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  • I am starting to monitor a nt 4.5 sbs network. Agent on the server is fine. However the workstations cant get through. I have set the kesaya ports to allow in the winsock proxy. Any ideas or suggestions will be helpful.



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  • Suggestions besides that they should get rid of proxy? How about telling your client that if they believe in investing in their system by using the power of Kaseya to maintain it, then they should invest in the system itself and get rid of all that old and unsupported technology. Are they even making patches for NT anymore? What's the point then? Keeping it on life support?

    Tell them to just scrap proxy and get a $40 netgear router which has more power than proxy 2.0.

    Now if you TRULY want a solution, there used to be a way to make PcAnywhere talk on seperate ports. You could load it on a bunch of machines with one static IP and get to all of them remotely. It is in the Symantec KB somewhere. That might give you a clue how to tweak the proxy ini to get the Kaseya agent to do port translation and allow it out.

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  • Sometimes you have to work with your clients to move them on to better technology. Not that we don't disagree with you, but in this situation we have to keep the proxy for the time being. We have been trying to move them for a while, but it's coming.

    We did however figure out how to resolve this and make it work. Had to do with the Kaseya part auth as "service" account instead of a user, which all the proxy rules in place were setup as a user. Adding a port rule with allow of system resolved the issue.


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