I'm trying to push agents out from a clients DC server

The quick and deep scans picks ups some of the machines but when I attempt to deploy to those machines I get the following errors

Error 1

Could not connect to \\machinename.domain.local\ADMIN$ Connect to Admin$ failed Error 1203: No network provider accepted the given network path

Error 2

Copy binary failed Error 32. The process cannot access the files because it is being used by another process

Now the first 1 confuses me as username and password and domain I'm using does work when RDPing to the relevant machines and has allowed me to install an agent on one machine via the network scans and deployment. So if all machines are domained, and its not an incorrect Username and Password, Is there any other reason this error could be coming up?

Error 2 is most likely as the previous IT company have there kaseya agents still installed on all machines. Is there any advise you can pass on as to how to avoid this and install my agents along side another kaseya agent? Ill remove the other IT providers agents once I'm onsite and the client is confirmed to come onboard with our service

Thanks in advance

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