I'm having an issue with the patch management and I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen a similar issue.

I've got a couple of Citrix servers with the Kaseya client installed. I figured out the trick to get an installation package created where it wasn't looking for the C: drive since with Citrix we've got the local Drive remapped to M: to allow client mapped drives to work properly.

However now I'm trying to set up the patch management. This is my first attempt at setting up a remote site for patch management and having it pull from a file share on a local server. I've got the share setup on another server that has the agent installed, and I've got the File source for all three servers in this case to pull from the file share on that server. I set the credentials to the Domain administrator username and password, however when I do the test I get an error that states:

Credential may be wrong. Patch failed to copy from LAN server.

I've verified that I can see the share from the citrix servers so I'm not sure what's going on there. Here is the relevant entries from the "Client Logs"

ERROR: execFileAsUser() failed with error -10 while spawning M:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe. 8:24:52 am 25-Jan-06 runProcessAsUser: AddAceToWindowStation() failed with error = 1816.

Has anyone else seen this and found a fix for it.

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