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LAN CACHE and autocreate FSAdminXXXXXX account

  • If I have credentials properly setup for a domain user account will the LAN CACHE feature still create the FSAdminXXXXX account on each machine and the host?

    Is there a way to prevent this or avoid this?  We recently had an outside security auditor flag us on these administrator accounts that do not expire and seem to be a massive security risk to him.

    I notice that this account is not always created so I'm wondering if this is a sign I haven't setup credentials correctly for that account to be created?

  • @ywtt - Yeah, there are fixes for LAN Cache coming out soon that will provide some answers to your post here. Simply subscribe to the post found at community.kaseya.com/.../83466.aspx about this and it will be updated once those hotfixes are released. Yes