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Groups, subgroups and machine collections

  • What is the difference between subgroups and machine collections?

    I know that you can control admin access to subgroups within a group.. what other differences are there between the two?

    Any kind of feedback is great as im trying to get information to make a decision on how I will structure this companies agents.

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  • After doing some noodling around I also noticed that Machine collections are not specific to any administrator. They are visible by all administrators.

    This means that if I wanted to createa collection of XP machines for 1 specific customer, I would have to either do it as a sub group or as a view.... am I right?

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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  • It would be great to have some videos on best practices . Jim Alves makes great videos. He made some great backup videos if you have not seen them .

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  • Groups and subgroups are directly related to physical name of the machine and are used for security within the system. Ifyou notice machines are named machineid.groupid.subgroupid.subgroupid. The machine navigation, reporting and other functions such as ticket notification policesuse the groups and sub-groups. A machines can only be in one group.

    Collections are ad-hoc and can be created to include any machine or collection of machines. Thus it's name. The primary use for collections was Patch Approval within Patch Management. However, the collections can be used in the Views to filter the machines the displayed. The Views are also used in reporting. Machines can be in multiple collections.

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