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Agent Causing Blue Screens on Win98 after install

  • Alot of our PC's are still running Win 98 since they're in Enviroments were the PC's don't get alot of Hard useage.

    However when deploying the Agent to these remote machines , we've seen a few instances where Windows will not boot into Normal Mode after the agent is installed. If they try normal mode it just Blue Screen errors out.

    We have a number of PC's running 98 that the Agent causes no trouble with, are there any certain updates or Patches for 98 that Kaseya would require or reccomend for running on Windows 98?

    Britton Johnson

    Oakbrook Corp.

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  • With windows 98 it is best if they are 98 SE, as the first edition of 98 has some very old code in it. Also ensure that the machines are fully patched and up to date with all the latest Microsoft updates, then you shouldn't have any issues.

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