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Network Access Driver

  • I would like to build a list of files (mostly MS) that need access to the network. Then configure a template that would automatically block all other MS files that should not be accessing the network. Then review or let the user choose to allow or disallow.

    Maybe write a script that can hadle this for Kserver admins?

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  • Adding a 'select all' button to the Network Access Driver list would help!

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  • You can acheive most ofwhat you are asking forwith a little bit ofsetup.

    1) Run the Network Protection onyour own machine for a few days in the 'Ask User to Approve unlisted'. Over time by allowing and denying each time you are prompted, this builds up aselection ofapps that you have decidedare 'OK' and 'Not Ok'.

    2) Nextdo a 'Select All' on the machines in the Network Protection,click the machineID linkon anyof the selectedmachinesandin the pop up find the apps thatyou have decided to allow in theselection process in step 1,itmaytake a little while to find them - use the filter to make it easier, and press the 'select' button.Back in the main window press the 'Approve apps' button to allow those apps on the selected machines. (approved apps will be in green after picked up)

    3) Do the same process as step 2again, this timewith the apps that you want to deny. And click Deny Apps. (Denied apps show in red)

    You now have an allow list and deny list against all of the machines.

    4)Now make sure all the machines are selected again,click the ''Ask User to Approve unlisted' radio button and click apply. In this way anything that you haven't allowed or denied will prompt the user to decide and will append the list.

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