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How can setup that upon clicking the agent it will automatically login to portal access?

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Hi Guys,

I just want to know how can I setup that upon clicking the Agent Icon in the System Tray, I will automatically login to the Portal Access of Kaseya? Because as of now even there is no login for each user in the portal access when I double click the Kaseya Agent, will show me the login page of the portal.

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  • I wonder if its even possible, because my boss doesnt like to have to add logins for each workstation.

    Bumping this thread for replies hopefully.

  • When you double click the agent, it automatically logs the user into the User Portal by default.  The only reason you would need credentials is if you wanted the user to be able to log in to the portal from a different machine.  Make sure you have the "User Logon Page" radio button selected and there is no need for credentials.