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Live connect

  • What is the purpose of the live connect feature when you right click on an agent and it sends you to open a ticket and a pop box appears saying unable to liveconnect on local machine or something like that

  • Dude, what is the exact error you see when you start live connect?
    As much as you want a decent error message from your customer when he has a problem, we also would like to get the exact error, so we might be able to help you. "Something like that" implies that the error could be something completely different. 

    Do you have the live connect plug in installed on your computer? If not please install the plugin (In Kaseya 6.3 go to: Agent\Upgrader Version\Update Agent, you will see a link called: "Download Live Connect plugin installer"), restart your browser (possibly even your computer) and try again.

  • I have a screenshot if I can figure out how to post it here... When I click to submit a ticket its a gray box in the top right corner that says Unable to Live Connect - Live Connect features disabled when logged on locally.

  • To post a screenshot, please use rich formatting (next to the reply button. Open the "option" tab to add your screenshot..

    Which machine are you trying to view using Live Connect? What happens when you reinstall the Live Connect plugin.

  • We are not running Kaseya 6.3 so I couldn't see the Live connect plugin you were talking about, I have installed an agent on my local machine and when I go to submit a ticket I get that gray box up in the corner, why would you want the live connect feature on clients machine? I do not see the point and can I disable that message somehow.

  • Basically, the webpage you have opened now is the Live Connect page.

    It uses several options to retrieve information from your system. For example:

    • CPU % Memory usage;
    • Event logs;
    • Kaseya Procedure logs;
    • Audit information;
    • Remote control; 
    • File manager;
    • Command prompt;
    • Registry editor
    • and a lot more
    I can imagine that when you only have rights to register a ticket for your system, you do not completely need live connect, because all of the information live connect gathers will be inaccessible for you. 
    Therefore, when opening live connect from the Agent (in the system tray) will disallow you to use all live connect options and only open Ticketing and VPN (why the last I do not know). 
  • Is there anyway to hide this gray box? Some of our clients see the box and assume they have a problem with their machine.