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Deploying 3rd Party Applications with Agent Procedures

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I'm trying to do a little more more advanced deployment with Agent Procedures of a 3rd party application.  The install is working just fine for me but the additional items I am trying to accomplish are failing.  I added a line that looks at the Registry to verify that a value exists if the value exist I have it write a Procedure log entry stating the application installed successfully.  If the value does not exist I want it to write a log stating it did not install successfully.  The problem I am having is it is stating that nothing installed successfully because it appears to be checking for the registry value too fast.  

The reason this is important to me is that I have to install this on about 250 PCs and during testing I found a few PCs here and there that didn't install properly so I want to be able to push out this procedure and then run a report at the end of the night to see if there were any failures.  Basically I will know if the install didn't work properly.

I placed a screenshot below to show how I have scripted it so far maybe I am missing something little?

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  • The easiest approach to address your immediate challenge would be to add a Pause Procedure step between the install and checking the registry value to give the install time to complete.  How long that should be would be determined by the maximum amount of time you would expect the install to take.

  • I must have something else wrong also.  I added the pause procedure and was able to confirm that the registry entry does exist but I am still getting the "else" failed message.  I added a "SendMessage" for testing right now and plan to remove that later.   Any thoughts are where I may be missing a step?

  • One item that may be causing you issues is taking into account 32-bit versus 64-bit.  Generally what I do is begin with an IF statement to determin if it's 32-bit or 64-bit OS.  Then under if I lay out my step(s) to check the registry value and under the then I copy all the steps and change the setting to "Check 64-bit Registry" for example.  It does make a difference and have found a lot of success doing this.

  • I think I figured it out, I was going "too far" into the registry I changed the path and it is successfully working now.  

  • Great!!