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Where to get list of patch switches

  • I am patching 1000+ machines using Kaseya Patch Management, but recently I have noticed that lots of patches installation failure happening. I have tried installing those failing patches manually by remote to machine and it goes successfully. I am thinking that this might be because of wrong default install switches on most. Is there any way to get a list of switches for all the patches released at one place.



  • Rajeev,

    While it is possible that the switches defined within Patch Management > Command line could be incorrect, this is not a common occurrence.  It does happen, but not very often.  If you're having multiple patch failures of multiple patches, it is unlikely due to patch command line.  That might be an explination for a single patch failing across multiple machines, but unlikely if you're seeing a variety of patches.

    Microsoft does not publish a single database of switches, at least not publicly.  To find the supported switches, you would need to download the specific version of the patch, execute it via command line, and use the /? argument.  Most patches will present a pop-up help window displaying supported command line switches.  Please keep in mind that  sometimes switches that are supported are not listed in this window.  For example /q and /quiet are sometimes interchangeable, as are /norestart and /r:n.  However, in other cases these may not be interchangeable and, occasionally, the patch will support one or the other but not list either as part of their help file.

    If you are experiencing failures of multiple patches across many machines, then the issue is more likely to be environmental.  I encourage you to open a ticket with Kaseya Support to identify and troubleshoot these issues.  The problem could be related to a file source configuration, access during a patch scan, infrastructure restrictions, insufficient rights to the endpoint, or a host of other root causes.


  • Brande, Thank you so much for taking out time to explain in detail.

    yes there are many patches failing on multiple endpoints. I did find switch listed again those failing if I click on those. I have surely set file source, credentials etc correctly. Still am reviewing those settings once again as many other has access to vsa and do certain things.

    So I will live with clicking on patch to verify the correct switch. Thanks again.