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Primary and Secondary KServers

  • Is there a way to setup a primary and secondary KServer for agent checkins that point to the same KServer?

    Theory: We have multiple IP blocks from different ISPs. For redundancy, we point an IP from ISP1 to our KServer as well as an IP from ISP2 to the same KServer.  If an issue arises with ISP1, agents will timeout and start checking into our KServer using ISP2.

    I am currently testing such a scenario and I am encountering odd results:

    1. PROBLEM -- I can't tell which KServer (primary or secondary) the agent as checked into from the VSA.  I can have columns showing which primary and secondary KServer the agnet is configured to use, but there isn't a column to display which KServer the agent is currently using.  

    2. PROBLEM -- When I know for a fact (via packet captures) that an agent is checking into my secondary KServer IP, the primary KServer name is shown on the agent icon instead of the secondary KServer.  Additionally, when a user clicks on the agent icon, it takes them to the primary KServer address live connect user logon page instead of to the secondary KServer address live connect user logon page (the one the agent is checked into).  It seems that the hostname shown on the agent icon is the hostname configured under the KServer System Config tab instead of the hostname of the actual KServer the agent is checked into?  This is a big problem for ticketing, etc.

    3. GOOD -- The failover from primary KServer to secondary KServer works flawlessly.  Most importantly, going back to the primary KServer when it's available again works great.

    So, what I need is for ALL agent functions to fail over to the secondary KServer address when the primary KServer address is unreachable. 

  • And, no, I do not want to go the dynamic DNS route. :)

  • Though we have not fully tested this yet, I can tell you what we're planning to do.  We also have 2 internet connections from 2 different providers and since one of them is a lower cost (less reliable) highspeed (cable modem) connection preventing us from leveraging BGP, we purchased a Barracuda Link Balancer.  One of the functions that exists in the Link Balancer is the ability to move your DNS hosting to it.  Then what it will do is present an (A) Host response based on a DNS request and deliver the IP to the requester based on which connection is up and working and/or best available.

    The reason that this solution was attractive to us it that it doesn't leverage something like DynDNS but gets many of the benefits that you would get with this.  It also allows our KAgents to continue checking into the "Primary" server giving us the full feature functionality of Kaseya versus the parsed down feature set of the "Secondary" (i.e. no LiveConnect).

    Above this benefit, the product has been very useful.  I hope this is helpful.

    Here is the link.


    See the Inbound Link Balancing section.

  • That's basically a dynamic dns solution with DNS hosted in-house.  Not what I want/need.

  • Understood.  Other than that type of solution, pretty much the only way to do it effectively is to have 2 internet connections that support BGP and work with the two ISPs to setup BGP.

  • Checkout the following :


    ".....Remote control functions are relayed through the primary KServer address. When an agent checks into the secondary KServer address, remote control sessions do not connect because they are directed to the wrong VSA relay server address. All other functions are supported and scheduled by the secondary KServer in the same manner as the primary KServer address..."

    It details one of the limitation the agent has when using the secondary address


  • I wonder why that is.  Obviously there's a reason for using the name configured under the System tab rather than the name configured as the primary or secondary KServer.

    Anyone from Kaseya care to chime in and shed some light on this?

  • Hi Dan,

    Yes, this is presently by design and Engineering has had this brought up to them as a feature request before. Feel free to submit a feature request ticket in the Kaseya Customer Portal on this as well and we will send it up to them.


    Dylan M. Lagi / T3: Senior Support Specialist | Kaseya Support / http://www.kaseya.com/support

  • Can you just add a +1 to the existing feature request?  Having multiple feature requests for the same requested feature seems not so organized to me.

  • Sure thing, done (though quantity can make a difference for feature requests). Smile


    Dylan M. Lagi / T3: Senior Support Specialist | Kaseya Support / http://www.kaseya.com/support

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