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How do I populate custom fields

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So I have inherited the role of kaseya admin, with brief training from our previous admin.  I am having an issue with a script that he created.  The script will send out an email based on a custom field that was crated called SLA.  I have found the location for adding custom fields, but I am not sure where I can change the value of them.

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  • There are two main ways:

    1. By agent procedure - use the Update System Info step

    2. Manually - open Live Connect on an agent, go to System Info tab under Audit Information, and click the little notepad icon

  • go to audit> machine summary> and click edit machine data found on the top


  • I have noticed that once there is a string in the field, if you run another procedure to update the field with different text - OR - you manually REMOVE the string and run the original procedure AGAIN the field is NOT updated..

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • I never see that ... I use a lot of custom field, and they are always updated ...

    (i've got something like 50 custom field..)

    Can you provide to us your script ?