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Disable/Cancel missing patches from specific machine.

  • Hello,


    I have a fairly straight forward question.


    I have a server that is missing a few patches according to Kaseya patch scan.

    One of the patches that says is missing is clearly installed and is listed in the installed patches in add/remove on the server.

    One of the patches is an SQL SP1 update. This update only updates instances that can be updated, if they cannot then the patch installs without making changes


    The bigger question is that i have 2 patches that are displaying as missing 2x in my patches status for this server.

    Both security patches are for Microsoft Office 2007, however office 2007 is not installed on my server.


    How can I tell Kaseya to disregard these patches for this particular machine?



    Thank you in advance.

  • PITG - to answer the question you asked, you can ignore the patch.  Instructions for doing so are available here:  community.kaseya.com/.../deny-a-patch-for-a-single-machine.aspx

    However, please be aware that this behavior may indicate a problem with the patch scan process.  It is possible that the endpoint is unable to access the internet to appropriate mark these discovered patches as no longer necessary for the machine.  This issue is described here:  community.kaseya.com/.../troubleshooting-failed-patch-installs-and-failed-patch-scans-and-incorrect-data-on-patch-status-page.aspx

    You can ignore the patches, but this *might* be masking an underlying issue.  Alternatively, it's possible that the patches were coded by Microsoft in such a way that the windows update agent cannot detect the patches as installed (in which case, the Ignore is the best course of action).

    If you would like assistance troubleshooting this issue, please open a ticket with Support.

    Thank you,