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Patch scan times

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I have a question about the schedule of the patch scan.

Is it possible to use multiple schedules?  For example, 2 times a week on weekdays and one time at night.

If yes, how to copy them to the agents.


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  • Erik,

    The scheduler does not provide for this type of customization.  You can schedule scans to run multiple times/days per week, but the scans will run at the same time each scheduled day.

  • Why would you ever need more than one scheduled patch scan in a week? Patches don't come out that frequently. And also, there is an automated scan after automatic updates to get the results, so I don't understand why you would need to do this.

  • SMason,

    Some admins find that they prefer to run scan schedules multiple times per week but leverage the "Skip If Offline" option.  Including multiple scans throughout the week (when skip if offline is enabled) gives a greater likelihood that the machine is online at one of the scheduled times.

    With that said, I certainly agree with you.  Kaseya recommends patch scan schedules be set to run no more often than once per week and no less often than once per month.  This ensures that new patches are captured and scheduled for installation at the next Automatic Update cycle.  While the scan process is not terribly intensive for either the endpoint or the KServer, it isn't necessary to run the scan multiple times per week - it's potentially added work with little to no added value.  Running the scan ad hoc isn't considered an issue, so if admins do need to run interim scans, the Run Now option is always available.


  • We do daily patch scans because we do daily patch installs. This being said after reviewing this thread I might review that.

  • The reason is the we monitor sytems who are on ships.

    The ships have a single point satellite connection which is slow.

    We experience connection problems when these ships are in certain areas.

    So it was more a question to see if whe can patch these machines with day and night schedules.


  • Hi Erik,

    What about just not using "Skip if Offline". This way it does not matter when the machines come online, they will start patching.

  • Hi GM,

    The problem when disable skip if offine there is to much scan activity when the machines come online which slow down the systems due to the many disconnections.

    This is experienced by the customer, but we will keep on brainstorming and testing the perfect settings.

    As Kaseya don't have whitepaper scenario's for this setup ;-)

    Thnx for thinking with me.


  • Hi Erik,

    Have you tried using the bandwidth throttle on the agent check-in settings?

  • Hi GM,

    No not yet. I will look into that.

    From tomorrow 4 days initial training, and making te exam so i can use the cool logo you use.



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