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Monitoring data usage from customers

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I'm running into the following issue. I need to be able to monitor the amount of Data used by users. The situation is as follows.

We run Citrix with Terminal Servers. (2008 and 2008R2)
Every customer has a Terminal Server with a C disk. (virtual disk)
Every customer has a Network Share "Data" and "User". All users have there profiles in the User share.

What I need to know is how much data a Customer is using on the Network Share Data and User and how much data usage is used on the Terminal Server, C:\Documents and Settings\

Is there a way to monitor this or something like this.

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  • You could try this powershell and procedure:


    Run it on the terminal servers and you'll get a report of all disks on the server with folder sizes.

    With a few tweaks in the powershell script you can probably change this to only check the C:\Documents and Settings or C:\users directories.