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Advanced agent data filter

  • Hello,

    Im new into Kaseya and working my way around in the system.

    Im searching in the  Advanced agent data filter put in values to filter terminal servers but i cannot find it.

    Wich value can i use and where do i put it.



  • Hi Erik

    With something like a TS you need to identify these machines before you can create any filters / advanced views.  This is the hard part as there doesn't appear to be anything in add/remove programs or similar to ID this type of server.  If you search the community there are ID procedures to seek out Exchange, SQL etc. but can't see anything for TS's.

    Depending on how many you are looking after you could create a custom field under Audit > Machine Summary and manually populate this field then create the view.

    Hopefully someone else will pipe up with a better solution.

  • Hi Alistair,

    Im dedicated to implement Kasyea, simplify and make a inventory of all the machines.

    I have nice reports form OS en other stuff, but indeed, no specific ID for TS

    Your solution is sufficient for this moment and should be done in a few hours, so i can create views after that.

    Thanks for the fast reply.

  • Hi Allister,

    Creating the fields worked, but for the simple task it would be nice to put a procedure on a template that fills that field with a value when a new TS is added.

    Now i know that the register key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server  and the value from the exported regfile is "TSAppCompat"=dword:00000001

    As im verry new into if-then-else procedures im not sure how to get this procedure running.

    I found out that in the step there is a update system info.

  • Erik

    You would just create a new procedure and make the first step an IF then set it to look for that registry key.  Make the next step a get variable and retrieve the contents of that registry key.  Then the last step - make it write the variable you've just collected to the custom field you've already created.

    Alternatively, as I've seen your other post start with the IF statement and then you only need one THEN statement to say if it found the key update the field to Yes.

  • Alistair,

    I made a little procedure like you wrote above but i get the failed then step, below is the procedure as i created it.

    IF/test registry key/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\ :exists

    STEP/Get Variable/Registry Value/TSAppCompat,1 :yes

    STEP/Update System Info/Terminal Server/ #yes#