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Contact Administrator - Launch Service Desk?

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I've configured the agents menu for 'contact administrator' to corectly authenticate and laucnh but it launches Tickets.

I have service desk, how do I configure the menu to launch Service Desk instead of the Tickets module?

I figured I would ask here before opening a ticket.



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  • I ran into this recently due to no Machine Role being defined for the agent(s) affected - in my instance, due to the fact that the profiles they were copied from did not have a Machine Role assigned due to a database issue.

    Define a Machine Role for the affected agents, and try Reapply Schema.

    Thanks to support for walking me through this.

  • Hi Rob, Please ensure that you have access rights assigned to the "Default" Machine Role Under system->user security->machine roles. Also ensure that under the "Scopes" Section in System that the Anonymous Scope has a Desk assigned to it. Once you've made the changes, double click on of the agents to log onto the agent portal and test the Ticketing Link Again. No need to reapply your schema once you've made these changes to the desk.

    Let me know if this helps.