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  • I was wondering if anyone has deployed kaseya agents into a view deployment and if so, were there any difficulties around this? 

    I was wondering more or less if there are any best practices posted anywhere or if anyone has any tips on certain procedures or methods of delivery.

    Particularly I had thoughts on what happens if you install the agent on the view master and if that was possible, it seems like it wouldn't be. What happens during a recompose of the view desktops if the agent isn't installed on the master? 

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Yes i would like to know too. We are thinking about implementing VMWare View

  • We did this by accident.  The image composed happened to pick up the agent internally from a GPO.  Wasn't pretty.  Same things started happening as when you'd clone a vm with an agent.  Just kept getting new check in's as computer, computer-1, computer-1-1 etc.  We didn't dig much into how we could resolve this and just remove the offline copy's every week.

  • As I understand it, an agent registers with the K server and picks up an agent guid the first time it checks it.  While I've not tried, if you install a Kaseya agent on the master *but ensure that it doesn't check in to the server*, then the first time the desktops come up they should register as individual new agents.

    It seems to work well enough in a vanilla VM cloning scenario, not sure if View would bring any other problems to the party though!

  • I guess the solution there is to not install kaseya agent on the master, just install it as you build each desktop. Havent tested but do we think that would work?

    I have agents installed on vmware servers

  • Another way to do this is to remove the GUID and agent ID from the kaseyad.ini file when the agent gets installed. I would go for a naming policy that forces the computername if I did this.