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execute shell command on windows safe mode

  • is it possible to execute a shell command on safe mode?

    My purpose of this is to run a system restore command on windows xp.. 

    or do you have any script for system restore for xp.. 

    thanks :)

  • I've thought about this too, but the problem has been that i haven't been able to reach the target machine with Kaseya when it's running in Safe mode (with networking).  This also means that a script to perform an unattended system restore needs to run without the help of Kaseya.

    Here's a page dealing with scripted System restore that looks promising: www.activexperts.com/.../system


  • Rebooting a machine into Safe Mode with networking and maintain Kaseya connectivity has been covered many times on this forum.

    Here is an example script:


  • thanks i will check the site....  :)

  • Thanks i will try it to some of our test machine first... :)