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How to set up kaseya to install automatic updates in predefine service window

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I will like to set up Kaseya to manage all windows updates and install this ones a month, ex 1 week after windows push the updates out.

I will like that i can set up a group with a procedure that runs and install updates, it shoul ask the user if its ok, and then install it.

hope that some one can help me.


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  • Generally, review the powerpoint 'patch tech jam slides' at  community.kaseya.com/.../default.aspx

    But the short version is, create a patch policy, set the patch approvals for the policy (this defines what patches get installed), make the agents you want to patch members of this policy, then define when you update the machines under 'automatic update'.

    Kaseya is not designed to ask the users permission to patch first; only to ask the user permission to reboot after patching is complete.