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When is release date for Agent 6.3

  • I am sure it is in this year.

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  • Last i heard was it's about a month away.

  • @etabush - I believe you mean 6.3 is about a month away.  The current version is 6.2.

  • Right, my bad.

    I wouldn't get my hopes up for 6.4 being this year....

  • My bad too, infact I wanted to ask 6.3 as KNM 5.0 will come after this.

  • I saw 6.3 in May, still waiting

  • 6.3 is in controlled release. If you're signed up as a test pilot, you may already be eligible to have it.

  • am sure 6.3, KES 2012, KNM 5.0 will be out only in next year. I think they are waiting for windows 8 to be out in full, so they can test compatibility of these with it before release.

  • Rajeev, i strongly disagree. Check the roadmap....community.kaseya.com/.../roadmap.aspx VSA 6.3 and KES 2.3 are both *already* in controlled release. I'm sure both will be in general release very soon. VS 6.3 has a major overhaul to KNM so it's 'basically' KNM 5.0.

    If you are a testpilot, you may already have (or be entitled to) VSA 6.3 and KES 2.3.

    I already have AVG 2012 on my endpoints....I don't have VSA 6.3 yet, but I know it is coming very, very soon. i have seen demos of 6.3, thanks to being a test pilot. If you can't wait, sign up to be a test pilot, and you could have it today too.

  • We had a Kaseya representative visiting this morning. He told me that the release date will probably be mid october.

  • I'm thinking that Kaseya have learned from previous releases and are holding off until it's right.  Pretty sure they don't want to have to put the same page up on their support site as LabTech recently did.

    Communication of what's happening could be greatly improved however.  We don't need specifics but some information about how the beta sites are progressing would be nice.  There must be some 6.3 beta testers reading these forums, are you all sworn to secrecy?

  • I imagine if you signed up for the Test Pilot Program you'd get a little more info about what's happening. http://www.kaseya.com/support/test-pilot.aspx

    Regarding the beta testers not commenting, on the Test Pilot Terms & Conditions, it includes the following two lines: 

    2. You agree to treat your participation, opinions, feedback, and all other information relating to the Pre Release Software as Kaseya’s Confidential Information.

    3. Accordingly, you agree to share any such opinions and feedback, including any bugs, anomalies or other information regarding the Pre Release Software in confidence with Kaseya and not to disclose or use such information to any other party including via the Kaseya Community and further agree that Kaseya may remove any such information from the Kaseya Community.

    So technically, even if someone were involved & had good things to say, they are "sworn to secrecy" as even their participation is considered confidential.  

    Personally I'd like to see something like a blog maintained where someone at Kaseya is specifically responsible for contacting all the different department heads & posting regular (weekly?) updates. Even if it's something like, "We expected to release ABC next week, but we found a small bug that needs to be resolved first. We expect it to take 2 more weeks. etc."  That would really make the community feel more in touch with what's going on. 

  • Personally I think the controlled realease secrecy is too much Applish....realistically I can understand the beta being private but really, controlled release = Release canadite

    Every other product company outside of Apple releases the product to the masses to test.  We are not stupid enough to put this into production and if we did..too bad, so sad, restore and call us back.

    At least with every client having an opportunity to find bugs in a lab vs a small minority of people signing up for testing and getting accepted, we'd actually have something close to major bug free before it hit the streets.

    If nothing else, I'd like to see some screenshots and a change list or something that gives me an idea of whats coming.  Its not like if I don't see that list I won't cancel my maintenance because something I wanted isn't in there...because I'd probably just cancel it once the product is released.

    Making it secret like apple doesn't make me want it more...it makes me want to not bother with it for 6 months...of course, the more people that delay, the less people you have to provide support for I guess...so in this case, secrecy does make sense.

  • Hi Mark,

    I think where this differs from an MS beta is two fold. Firstly, with an unlimited support type agreement that we all effectively have with Kaseya, giving it to everybody would be too much work for the Helpdesk and the developers. Also, I get the impression they like to test in production environments.

    As for the secrecy I agree this is a little OTT.

  • The secrecy thing is annoying, and is only causing K bad press.

    On the one hand, I can't say anything good about the product (and I have a lot of good things to say). People are leaving, for example, bcause they see the KES module is still on AVG9 and hasn't been updated in 3+ years. I'd love to tell them all about the new KES 2.3/AVG2012 module, which may save them as a K client, but i can't.

    On the other hand, I can't discuss any issues or give feedback easily. i can't share my experiences to determine it "It's just me", or if others can verify my issue really is a bug. I've lodged so many tickets, my head is spinning - the whole ticketing process is just painful and tedious. I have plenty more to say, but i just can't be othered taking the 15 minutes per ticket it takes to send off my suggestions. Frankly, K are just doing themselves more harm than good with this.

    At the very least, a 'test pilots' forum (With limited access to just piltos) would fix a great deal of the issues I have with being a test pilot...assuming the developers ever bothered to read it.

    Also, the release date for 6.3 was publicly discussed during the September AU/NZ Business and technical webinar. It's 17 October. Unless something comes up between then and now to delay things, of course!!