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Deploy MSO2K10 using K2 Silent procedure

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Hello. I am trying to use the K2 procedure to deploy MSO2K10. I imported it into My Procedures. I have modifies the script as per the instructions. The files DO copy over to the workstation to the TEMP directory, but XCopy gets stuck in a loop and continually keeps copying the files over. I have verified the number of files and size to be correct and entered correctly into the procedure. The simplified version does work. Any ideas? BTW, the workstation is WINXP. Thank you.

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  • The XCOPY loop you are referring to sounds like you might be using the wrong switches, try Robocopy instead, overall it handles large folders better.

    What are the connection speeds like for the client machine, if it is 100Mb or better then you could do network deployment, just make sure to configure the network paths in your custom MSP file. Did it last week the only problem I had was that the inbuilt Office removal process that is part of the office install failed to remove the all of the existing Office 2003 components so I simply queued the Office 2003 uninstall first to resolve the problem.