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Transfer a file to multiple agent via internet

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hi, i want to create a procedure where i can transfer a file from a computer ( file server) to other manage machine... for example i want to transfer a database, document etc to multiple remote machine 

i  tried to use transfer file but it only transfer a file to a specific agent... 


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  • Look at the built in "Write File" script commands... or if you want it on all machines use Distribute File under Agent Procedures.

  • i considered write file but i don't want to upload files everyday.. i transfer db witch is 2 to 4 gig what i want is the db from my dbserver will be transfer to other locations..

    Distribute file i think its the same us write file..

    thanks by the way..

  • what about a central storage location for the file and have each system rsync it each day?

  • hi arnott

    what do you mean by central storage location?

    what we do is we transfer db files and other files from one of our pc/server to  other remote machine witch is connected via internet only.. so what i want is to transfer that file using "transfer file procedure" but it dint work... if i used "write file" i need to copy the file to kserver and then transfer it again to remote computer so why not used LC instead... but i need to transfer the file to multiple pc's.. so for example i will open 10 LC to transfer that file to 10 remote machines..

    hope you can help me with this... thanks

  • I believe write file wont be able to transfer such a large file.

    You can you use GET url but that has issues with proxies some times. There are ways around that issue though