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Import Monitor Sets - not working

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Good afternoon, all!

We are migrating from one Kaseya environment to another and I have a need to export some monitor sets from the 'going away' Kaseya environment and to import them into the 'sticking around' Kaseya environment.  This process is not working.  It fails with the well known issue:  The Monitor Set was not a valid Kaseya Monitor Set xml format.  Error:-1072896682.

UTF-16 is indeed in place and is not working.

Here is an example of what is bring exported from 'going away' and fails the import to the 'sticking around' Kaseyas:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16" ?>
<monitor_set_definition version="1.0">
<MonitorSet name="restart.sql.services" description='service-based MS SQL service monitoring with automatic restart' enableCounterMatching='1'>
<Service name='MSSQLSERVER'  serviceDescription='MSSQLSERVER' description='service-based MS SQL service monitoring with automatic restart' restartAttempts='3' restartInterval='60' reArm='3600'/>
<Service name='MsDtsServer100'  serviceDescription='SQL Server Integration Services 10.0' description='SQL integration services' restartAttempts='3' restartInterval='60' reArm='3600'/>
<Service name='MSSQLFDLauncher'  serviceDescription='SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher (MSSQLSERVER)' description='Full text filter daemon launcher' restartAttempts='3' restartInterval='60' reArm='3600'/>
<Service name='ReportServer'  serviceDescription='SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER)' description='SQL reporting services' restartAttempts='3' restartInterval='60' reArm='3600'/>


If anyone can offer some assistance we would be greatly appreciative.



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  • Rather than import the actual xml file , just cut the content from the xml file and paste it into the import window instead. This is a common problem.

    Or export the monitor sets using the "Import Center" in the system menu.

  • When we moved from a physical server  to a VM on Lefthand environment,  we did the same as Paul did,  export and then import with the Import Center.  Works like a charm.

  • tested this again via export and import from our PRD to our Test environment VSA,  no problems found.