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Agent auditing???

  • It is said int he doc of Kaseya that "Agents can be scheduled to automatically audit the hardware and software configurations of their managed machines on a recurring basis". That said, How is the auditing scheduled? I have 900 machines, should I worry about ditributing the load? Where can I controle this automatic Audit schedule. If I set manulay an recurent auditing, Will it overide the auditing of the agents?

    The thing is, I never scheduled auditing but there are audting scheduled for future dates.


  • The first thing an agent does when it checks in is run a baseline audit.  After that you have to schedule a recurring audit.  I'm guessing you used a policy or template when you rolled out your agent, otherwise there would be no Next Audit scheduled.  You definitely want to audit your machines on a regular basis.  With 900 machines, you're probably fine doing this once a week or every couple of days.  The audit is lightweight, however you still want to distribute it.  An Audit is scheduled just like any other procedure.  Under Audit->Run Audit select all the machines and click Schedule Audit.  Select your Audit schedule then under Distribution window, select a timeframe (ie. for 900 machines, select 8 hours -> that's roughly 100 machines an hour).  Kaseya will automatically distribute all the audits across that time period.

    Two additional comments:

    1) The best way to do this is through Policy Manager.  You should create a policy and assign it to machines.  That way if anything changes all you have to do is update teh policy.

    2) There are lots of different scenarios for how best to audit.  My 8 hour suggestion is just an example.


  • That is some valuable information. Thank you. I have 2 question regarding this.

    1- Since my 900 machine are under different machine group/organization, will the distribution window be 8 hour for all the machine regardless of the machine group/organization? Or, it will be a 8h distribution window per machine group/organization.

    2- Is The policy manager is an add-on to Kaseya that requires extra licensing ?

    Thank you very much!

  • 1 - I'm not sure if it makes any difference but the distribution is based on the machines you selected.  So if you select all machines and distribute them across 8 hours it will be all machines.  If you go group by group then it will be group by group.  The distribution is not dependent on groups, it only applies to machines selected (in other words, it could be all machines, by group or by view).

    2 - I believe Policy Manager is included with all licenses but I would check with your sales rep.

    - Max

  • Thank you very much, I was looking for this information for quite a while now..

  • Apart from what Max suggested correctly, the ditribution should be selected very carefully because if you set it for 8 hours for all those 900 machines at one go then chances are that your Kaseya might freeze or become tooooo sluggish. Policy is free addin and your Account Manager can help you if license needs to be updated. The proctice I follow is that create 7 different templates (each day of week) in policy management with baseline audit once a year, latest audits once a week, system info audit once a month. Distribute machines accross each policy with distribution window of say 1-2 hours. Prefer scheduling it off hours.

  • Then all your montly and yearly audits would happen at the same time?

  • why would you think that. if you put 30 machines on day one of a month, next 30 on day two and so on... how audits will happen on same day of the month on all 900. and like wise for baseline and latest weekly audits. you have to do some mathematics while planning your policy or templates and this will save you lot of trouble. I have double the number machines you have and never had problems related to audit. I am doing latest audits every third day on all machines and system info every week. Hope this will help you plan out.

  • We have a couple of thousand agents here and we do latest audits every second day across a 6 hour window during business hours with no problems.

    The only procedures you really want to be careful of are any which might use a lot of VSA bandwidth (such as AVG rollouts) and the "Update Lists by Scan" procedure in monitoring. Update lists is particularly nasty - never run it on more than two agents at a time or your VSA will crawl....

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  • If you ever virtualize a server, you need to run a System Information Audit so that it gathers the new specs.

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