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KAV 1.3 License Expired Yesterday even though is set to auto Extend

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Hello everyone! I have a question if anyone else is experiencing this and has a fix for it before I make a ticket with Kaseya Support.


We are renewing several clients KAV subs and they were all set to expire yesterday, they are set to auto-extend, and today came and they are still reporting that they expired yesterday.  Please note this is the reporting on our end from the KAV module from within Kaseya, not on the user endpoint.  On the user side it is still running and functioning as if it had extended without a problem.  However just on our end it has not updated the new expiration date.


I have seen the couple of posts regarding the endpoint getting the expiration notice, and this is why I want to be clear that it is on our end not the endpoint.


If anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate it!



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  • We also had this problem but it was actually because we did not have enough licenses in the pool. We expected it to warn us like KES that they were going to expire.

    Getting licenses wasnt a problem, however we have since had more issues extending the license. I was told by Kaseya support that to extend the license to simply run a "Verify Install". This didn't work and we ended up uninstlaling and reinstalling to get the licenses happening.