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Problems with agent checking in after being in multiple locations

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Hello All,

   I have a fairly new installation of Kaseya, Version Number:  Agents are a minumum of  I work for an auditing firm, mostly banks etc.  Most of the employees work remote 100 percent of the time and are on site at a bank, college or some other client site.  They also move between sites on a regular basis, sometimes 3 or 4 different clients a week.  The problem is that they are behind a firewall that is not mine.  With that in mind I have my agents checking in over port 443 and the agents are checking in fine but I have run into a few situations where they dont.  My theory is this...  Basically someone will have an active connection to my KServer and then just shut the lid of the laptop putting the laptop to sleep and then either go home or go to another client.  The problem I run into is that when the laptop comes out of sleep mode/hibernation, there will be an active connection to the web but the agent wont check in.  It is almost like the agent does not realize that it has a valid internet connection after coming out of suspend.  I am wondering if anyone else has run into this situation or something similar and if anyone has come up with a resolution.  Something like an agent procedure I can schedule for once a day to refresh the connection to the KServer.

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  • Hi,

    What do you have to go to get the agent to check in again?

    In my experience the agent will quite happily connect to the VSA when it comes out of sleep mode however if your clients are using a transparent proxy this could explain why you can connect to websites using 443 but you cannot use the agent.

    Have you talked to Kaseya about using 443 to see if there are any issues they are aware of? It is a strange configuration but I can see the logic behind it.



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  • Usually a reboot will cause the agents to check in.  I think what might be happening is that people in the field are just shutting the lid of the laptop while at one location and then bringing the laptops out of sleep mode at another location.  Some wireless some over Ethernet.  I talked to Kaseya support initially and they said 443 was ok.  I do not have any proxy.

  • We have sometimes seen a bit of a lag before reconnection, but never where it won't reconnect until a reboot!

    1. Will it reconnect if you simply stop/start the Kaseya Agent service?

    2. What do the Agent Logs on the affected employee's PC look like during the timeframe after they un-suspend, but aren't connected to the kserver?

    3. How long have you waited, and does it seem to be related to particular combinations of sites?  

    4. Does it come up eventually, or never, and are their certain places where it always works/always fails?

  • As fate would have it, my boss who sits in the same office has an agent that has not checked in for a couple of weeks and it looks like the last reboot was April 26th.  I was able to stop and restart the services and it connected.  I looked at the agentmon.log.  Not sure what the hundreds of lines that say "[1fe8]: Keep alives = 10050" mean.  I tried posting the log twice but have been unsuccessful.  Is there a way to upload the log?