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View for Machines Without Audit Scheduled

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How do I create a view for machines that do not have the latest audit scheduled?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Great Idea! Or any other way to get these information to use with KPM ...

  • I use a view for No Patch Scan Results. If you have patching and audits as part of a policy, they should kinda go together as far as them being scheduled.

    Or I guess you could use a Define Filter and try "" in a particular column to find blanks. That might work too, haven't tried it. Happy Friday!

  • Usually, this is how I would do this:

    Hit the Edit button to create a new view.

    Look about half way down for the checkbox that says "With agent procedure <blah>" and "not scheduled".

    Click <blah> and choose "Latest Audit".

    However, I'm not seeing "Latest Audit" in the list of procedures anymore. It used to be there on the top. Might have to open a ticket with Kaseya?