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Another Day Goes By Without Any Kaseya Resolution

  • Like so many other Kaseya users, we were adversely affected by the Kapersky debacle.  After several days of upset clients, we decided to switch all our client's workstations back to another anti-virus product.  Problem solved.

    However, since April 16th we are still being charged for KAV seats which are no longer installed on the clients' workstations.  Of course I submitted a support ticket.  It has been bounced from tech ... to tech ... to billing ... to customer service ... and back STILL with no resolution.  I guess the one good thing about using a support ticket is that I have all the documentation we need when we contest the credit card charges for this month.

    Also, what great timing!  Received a call yesterday from another IT Firm of similar size who was seeking recommendations for a managed services product.  Boy did they get an earful.

  • Sounds like Kaseya shooting themselves in both feet again.  The last time they had me speak with a perspective buyer he was interested mostly in monitoring and at that time Kaseya still just had the regular monitor module which lacks a great deal of flexibility and functionality and I gave him my honest thoughts on it.  Needless to say I have never been asked to speak to another client again.  Oh well, life goes on and so does Kaseya.

    All products have their issues but its how you handle those issues that can make you or break you and that is an area that Kaseya is still way behind in.

  • I have to agree with both of you guys.. however if we ran our support business like they are right now... we wouldn't have any customers...  I am pretty sure that all support moved over seas...

    Check this out.. I called in with a problem and I said to the support tech, can you mimic this in your Lab ? or how many times in a month do you actually run through a universal restore process and he told me never.... Way to go!!!  Just awesome.

    Sincerely Yours,

    One angry Nerd

  • @Jrocker - I responded to your other thread too, but may I request and/or suggest that you post the details of your issue with Universal restores.  Because of the very wide range of configs, and permutations of components, its likely that someone here in the community has run into the exact same issue as you have.  The community is here to help, and yes we are here to listen to rants and complaints, but the most productive way to leverage this community is by sharing your struggles with details so that we can hopefully highlight some possible solutions/fixes/workarounds.  

    If you have ticket numbers, I would like to research what you went through with support as well.