our first problem is that the monitoring sets are working.

when i go to "Monitoring-->Monitor Log" i can pick between those agents assigned with monitor sets. if i click on an agent i can see which sets are assigned and what the last value is.

but if i click on view and wanna see the bar chart with the data or as table, it says:
"There is no monitoring data to display.
Check collection threshold with the Assign Monitoring function.
Check if the monitor object is deployed correctly with the Monitor Sets function."

It worked before and i cant tell what changed/what is causing the problem.

also, when i run the LanWatch and click on "Install Agents" or "View Lan" afterwards. it says:
"No LAN Watch data available. 
LAN Watch data required to identify new machines on the LAN
Click LAN Watch to schedule data collection. " 

if i look at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaseya\Agent\temp" at the client machine, i can see the LAN_Stat.xml.

I already created a Kaseya Ticket but only response so far is that the ticket is escalated to a feature specialist for further investigation.

I thought maybe somebody knows this problem and is faster at helping me than the Kaseya support ;)


Thankyou and have a nice weekend !