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ZIP Functionality in Procedures

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Hello all,


I am trying to write a script which will ZIP *.XYZ recursively however I have found that it only ever ZIPs files in the root by default, looking at the switch options I need to use -r to make is recursive however it is not clear if this is possible when running it through Kaseya as anywhere I add the -r it only breaks it completely.



Looking at the Switch options I believe the full command should be something like...

ZIP -r %SystemDrive%\*.pst %SystemDrive%\FWCS\PSTFiles.zip


The above command results in NO ZIP FILE at all just like the below...

ZIP %SystemDrive%\*.pst -r %SystemDrive%\FWCS\PSTFiles.zip


This version however creates a files called "PSTFiles.zip -r" which isn't very useful.

ZIP %SystemDrive%\*.pst %SystemDrive%\FWCS\PSTFiles.zip -r


I suspect that Kaseya is already passing pre-defined switches which we can't see or edit which is rather annoying if true, I understand there are alternative solutions I could use like WinRAR but ideally I really want this to be able to run on any workstation without any additional software.




Stuart Hamilton.

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  • Use the "Zip Directory" step.