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Problem with Serial Number hyperlink

  • Hello everyone.

    While working on an issue the other day on a DELL PowerEdge server, I found that the hyperlink for the System Serial Number, on the Live Connect->Audit Information->System info tab did not work properly.

    In the past, clicking this hyperlink used to display a separate browser window that took you directly to the system information and warranty information for the serial number.

    On one computer I was testing, the DELL page was asking for the serial number to be entered manually. On another computer I was testing, the DELL page was brought up the wrong serial number (as if it had been saved from a prior search).

    Is anyone else seeing this problem too?  Not sure if it’s an issue with Kaseya, or if DELL changed their site to no longer support the direct passing of serial number info?  Would be nice to have this functionality working again.

    Thanks in advance


  • Mine appears to be working fine

  • @Mark,  thanks for the reply.  I wonder what the difference is between your success and my failure?

    1) Were you looking up the info for a DELL Server? Or another hardware vendor?

    2) what browser are you using?  I am using IE.


  • I know that I've seen issues with machines who've had extensive parts replacements, especially motherboards.  Not all Dell tech reset service tags and serials properly so that they can be read or that they even accurate. I'm not sure what's going on here, but perhaps that's a factor.

  • Same issue here, its been that way for a few weeks that I know of. It appears that Dell switched from being able to pass the tag in the URL to a cookie based method.

    I came across these websites, maybe they will help one of the engineers with a fix:




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  • My Dell links work fine.

    Lenovo ones do not.

  • I found it I copied the URL from Kaseya, pasted it into a new tab/window, removed the "&~tab=1" from the end of it, it you end up at the correct webpage for the Service Tag you are looking for, just as before the change.

    This still makes the current service tag the default on their support page.


  • JMF,

    Thanks very much. I can confirm that what you reported works for me successfully.

    There is an initial URL that is populated in the new popup window. Eventually that URL seems to change to a different URL.  If you copy the original URL before it changes, and then paste it back in, and eliminate the "&~tab=1" from the end of it, it you end up at the correct webpage for the Service Tag you are looking for.

    Here is an example:

    ORIGINAL URL that is populated via Kaseya


    After a few seconds, changes to this URL, which brings up the wrong serial number (seems to bring up the last serial number that was actually displayed successfully)


    Remove the "&~tab=1" from the end of the original URL text, and the page displays correctly, with the correct service tag


    I was confused as to why it is working for Simon Wong and Mark Hodges, but not working for the rest of us.  But now I am wondering if it is really working for Simon and Mark, or not.  Here is what I found.

    - Follow the above steps. You will see the info for PowerEdge 2800, Service Tag: HXSMJ81

    - Now click the hyperlink in your K server for a different server

    - The DELL page is displayed, but it seems to be displaying for the first servcie tag (PowerEdge 2800, Service Tag: HXSMJ81 ), and not for the most recent server that you clicked the hyperlink for.

    - At least that's what is happening on my system.

    I think we need to just get Kaseya to change the URL to exclude the "&~tab=1" fromt he end of the URL, and the problem will be solved.  This is not a hge deal, but we use this feature regularly, and it was be most helpful to get it fixed.


  • My Dell URL works fine (service tag removed from end and replaced by ?'s):


    Wonder why it is different from yours?

  • Everytime I click on the link for a new Dell system I get the correct service tag in every new tab...

  • Our URLs end with a "&~tab=1" . That seems to force the webpage to redirect to a page that prompts for the Service Tag. Removing the "&~tab=1" fixes the issue (see above).

    I wonder if there was a hotfix that LLoyd and I never got to fix this?

    FWIW: I'm still on Kaseya 5.1


  • I also experience this problem. Kaseya 6.2 in house.

  • I am stumped as to why it is workign successfully for Simon and MArk, but not working for me or the others.


  • Please rest your browser settings, clear cache and it will start working perfectly fine for you too.

    Possible reason is that at one time you might have opened dell support site and added a service tag with check box saying "save as default" checked.

  • Rajeev,

    You might be on to something there, with the idea that in the past the 'save as default' option was selected on the DELL website, and passing the info from Kaseya via the URL is not overridding the previously saved default.

    But unforunately, deleting temporary intenet files and deleting cookies did not fix the problem for me.  I'm not sure what else to try.

    It does work if we get rid of the  "&~tab=1" from the end of the URL.  Seems liek if we asked Kaseya to make that change, the function would work for everyone. So far, I have nto found thatthign that breaks by removing it.