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Wake on Lan

  • How are you waking machines on schedule to perform patching?

  • We have an empty procedure with "Power up if offline (Requires Wake-On-LAN or vPro and another managed system on the same LAN)" checked.  It's a stupid way to have to do it, but I do not know another way.

    Kaseya does not have a procedure step called "wake machine" that hooks into their wakeup stuff.  seems like a very ignorant oversight to me.  What automation?

  • Hello.

    Same here. I've a procedure that wake up with a dummy "write a procedure log entry". But there is no way to start patching afterwards. We can only do that over "time-based" schedules.

  • If you have the Kaseya Desktop Policy and Migration add-on, there is a Wake on LAN function in there that allows you to Schedule WoL and receive alerts if WoL fails for a given system.  We use it and I would recommend it.

    Though it may seem simple to have an Agent Procedure that can initiate WoL that you can schedule, it's actually much more complex than that.  Do to the nature of WoL, you must initiate it from another system that is currently on and awake and you must be able to tell it the MAC of the system to wake.  There is a Remote Wake Up procedure in the Sample Procedures that you can use however you must set the MAC address of the system to be awoken manually which would make that very cumbersome to create and keep up to date for a mass deployment.  It's more designed for a one-off situation.  KDPM, as I mentioned above, leverages some back end functionality to locate a system on the same LAN that is awake and sends it the rw request with the MAC address of the desired system to be awoken.  So it is much better suited to remote wake up systems on schedule minutes before scheduled maintenance is set to kick off.

  • Hello Seftink.

    Where is the difference? If i schedule a procedure and tick the "wake up if offline" is that not the same?

  • To the best of my knowledge there really isn't any except for the simplicity of management.  You can use either to wake a system and can custom create monitor sets to alert if it fails.  With KDPM, there are plenty of other functions we also utilize (i.e. Power Management, controlling USB ports, etc.) so the simplicity of the functionality was just a beneficial byproduct of the component.