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Lots of Traffic

  • Has anyone else noticed a large amount of data coming across port 5721? We have a few companies with VOIP phones and a lot of the time when they experience dropped phone calls due to bandwidth we track the cause down to Kaseya having downloaded 10mb and up to 20 or more computers. And it seems to be a constant flow of data, as in real time tracking.

    We have KAV running updates at 10pm @ night. We recently updated to KAV 1.3 to see if there would be any change, nope.

    We have other customers with less agents installed and not using VOIP but still showing comparable amounts of data across port 5721.

    Is there a reason we are just now starting to notice more traffic or has this always been the case?

    Thanks for your feedback on this.

  • Have you looked at what procedures are running on those machines and what monitoring you have setup?

    I wouldn't expect day-to-day counter monitoring to be generating that amount of traffic but you never know I guess. Have you tried looking at your working directories to see if anything is getting pushed down?

    Do you know if the traffic is uploading that amount of data or downloading? You could also try turning all monitoring off and see if the traffic continues and finally, have you checked on their router that the 5721 outbound is going to your IP? I'm sure it would be a shock to see second agents installed but it's not impossible.

  • have support check this...we had same problem and it was KES or KAM failing to update properly on a few machines and they were constantly downloading their updates...

    In an office of 30 machines...we were pushing over 6GB/day...