One of the servers that we monitor keeps getting this Security Audit log, The Server has windows server 2003 x86 OS who is performing a web server role as well as AD, DNS, role also.

Kaseya Genrating Logon failure logs continuosely in eveny 1-2 minutes. I have serached a lot but didn't get any resolution.


Here are the Log details :-

Security log generated a multiple events alert on ***************, the follow events occurred: Security log generated Failure Audit Event 529 on *****************
For more information see

Log: Security
Type: Failure Audit
Event: 529
Agent Time: 04:42:26 PM 16-Mar-2012
Event Time: 08:42:26 PM 16-Mar-2012 UTC
Source: Security
Category: Logon/Logoff
Username: SYSTEM
Computer: ***********
Description: Logon Failure:

Reason: Unknown user name or bad password

User Name: administrator


Logon Type: 3

Logon Process: Advapi 


Workstation Name: **********

Caller User Name: *********

Caller Domain: PROVISIONS

Caller Logon ID: (0x0,0x3E7)

Caller Process ID: 1540

Transited Services: -

Source Network Address: -

Source Port: -