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Agent procedure for removing IE proxy server and setting no proxy required

  • Hi we have to change internet provider for all schools and the new provider does not require proxy server in the web browser since a lot of machines are on work groups has anyone used a script to remove a proxy server and un-tick proxy server required 

  • yes but it would be far simpler to use GPO assuming they're in a domain

  • Hi Michael all the macines on the domain we will change the GP, the problem we have is with machines in workgroups and alot of them

  • Hi Tony,

    It is possible to make an Agent Procedure with this commandstring:

    reg add "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings" /v ProxyEnable /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

    This command will disable the proxy on all the machines as long as they have an Agent :-).


    Ferry van der Schoor

  • The problem with the agent procedure is that it will only apply to the profile of the logged on user.

    I would create a batch file that runs the reg add command above (and test it a few time of course), then put the batch file in the startup folder so it is executed every time someone logs on.

    In fact, to keep things clean, I would dump the batch file into somewhere like c:\scripts, then I would put a .lnk file into the startup referring to the batch file with the path c:\scripts\batchfile.cmd. This way you can use the lnk to specify that the batch file runs minimized so as to not be seen by users.

    Lastly you can use Kaseya to write a procedure that will simply write the batch file to c:\scripts and the lnk file to the all users profile startup folder, and you're done. Just remember the different locations for that startup folder in XP vs. Vista / 7 so allow for that in your kaseya script.

  • A simpler option could be to just schedule the K Sripit to run everyday at 8am or something so if the user changes they will get the new settings . Im not suggesting this is the best way to do it just simpler