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Configuring vPro?

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I have sold quite a few systems that have the vPro available and I think I have configured it okay on the local system in BIOS - but how do I configure that so I can access them with Kaseya using vPro?

On the local system I have gone into the BIOS and set a password for Intel Management Engine and enabled what I believe is required. In Kaseya I see that I can deploy an agent and add vPro credentials (login and password), but I can't see in BIOS where I set this up.

The motherboard is an Intel Executive Series BLKDQ67EPB3 with Intel Q67 chipset with a i5-2400S vPro processor.

I am new to Kaseya and utilising vPro, but I want to leverage this since I have systems that have the capability. Am I missing something?

Thanks in Advance.


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  • Hello Damien.

    Great idea! vPro is amazing.

    Which module you use for vPro? What's your goal? VNC? Or remote ISO? Or both?

  • Hello Kai

    Thanks for your response, I don't care in what way I connect, I just want to be able to use it - so I assume both would be preferable. Am I correct in assuming that with vPro I can watch the boot process remotely?

    I haven't found enough information for me to be able to configure and test it and I have quite a few vPro capable systems that I could be using it with. Even the Intel info that I have found isn't sufficient for me to fully grasp what I need to do to integrate the two and use it with Kaseya.



  • Hey Damien.

    In fact Kaseya has vPro at "Remote Control" have a look at it. Here it doesn't is enough, because it only have the feature for remote-boot. No vnc.

    Kaseya has released an update for Kaseya Desktop Policy Management-Module, but we don't own it. And the remote-control with vPro doesn't get any update since we are kaseya user (2010/12).

  • Kai

    Yes I see it there, but I have nothing under it. As part of the LAN Watch, there is a spot there to enable vPro and it asks for a username and password. I assume that this username and password is something that I have already set in the BIOS of a vPro enabled system, but that is the problem, there is nowhere that I can see that asks me for a username and password and as I have never used vPro before, I am not even sure I have enabled and configured everything that I need to on the system anyway.

    So you see me dilemma - I have it but are unsure on how to configure it and use it.