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Problem installing agent on virutall Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Hello everybody,


    I´m trying to install an agent on a Windows Server 2008 R2 virutall Machine and it seems to be installed correctly. At least it says "The Agent has been installed successfully on your Computer", it also creates a running process. But I don´t get the system tray icon and I have no communication with the KServer.


    I tried all windows based agent-packages, but none did work. I also opened the port 5721 in the Windows-Firewall, but without success.


    How can I get the agent running?


    Kind regards



  • from the server can you telnet to your K server on port 5721

    If you check the kaseyad.ini does the first few lines all show your server details.

    Also in the SErvice does it show the iP / DNS address of the your kaseya server...

  • Hi,

    thanks for your fast reply.

    I don´t use a dedicatet KServer. I use the web front-end Kaseya does offer. So the server address shown in the process is saas11.kaseya.net

    It all works properly with a non virtuall machine, running Windows 7 32 Bit.


    Is there any special configuration needed to get the agent running on virtuall machines? Do I need another agent, then the default ones?

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  • yeah agent should not care one bit about virtual or physical...

    You using Kaseya hosted thats fine - can you telnet to saas11.kaseya.net port 5721 from this server.

    if yes and the service is started and the kaseyad.ini has the correct info then make sure you are on the console of the server and run the kausrtsk.exe from the kaseya agent folder - this should load the icon but you don't need the icon for a checkin. there should also be a .log file in the root of the agent directory check it.

    Also do a search in your kaseya server with no views selected or groups for that machine just to make sure it has not checked in to the wrong group.

    does happen....

  • telnet is not possible, from both not, the working physical and the virtual one

    kaseyad.ini seems to be configured properly. server is set to saas11.kaseya.net and port is 5721.

    Nothing happens by running the kaurtsk.exe

    The last entery of the log file is "Agent offline - Cannot establish connection with the KServer"

  • why is telnet not possible?

  • I don´t know. I type "open saas11.kaseya.net 5721" and then it says "establishing connection..." Thats all. I could wait for hours.



    Ok, I found the problem. The supervisor provided me with the wrong gateway-ip information...


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  • if it says that it means it can't which is probably what your issue is..

    Either local firewall on the server or the gateway IP or perimeter firewall....

    when it connects successfully you will just get a flashing cursor in the top left of the telnet window.