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6.3 release date

  • Anyone have an idea for the 6.3 release date?


  • Best I could find was "due out in 2012."

    Going to Vegas on May 1st through the 4th for Kaseya Connect, and it is listed on the Agenda:

    Join us for this informative session as we highlight the key new features and improvements of Kaseya version 6.3. You'll see first hand how this exciting new release can benefit your organization including new network discovery, custom reporting, notification bar and much more.

    The Roadmap is pretty vague about the entire list of new/improved features.

    Anybody else have a more specific timeline that they might be able to share?

  • Does anybody know if the custom reporting will finally allow us to get SNMP graphs out from the info center/reporting?

    I haven't yet found a way do to this straight from Kaseya (without using KNM, of course.)

  • The new reporting looked slick. IDK the answer to your Q, but the video for reporting is here www.ustream.tv/.../22292822 and starts at about 1:00:00.

    You know one thing I would love to have is a drop down for my column sets. This has been overlooked and could be saved and configured similarly to the views. For example, I may just want some system information (CPU, RAM, OS, LLIU)....or network information (PC name, Gateway, IP, Subnet, Dom/Work)...or Basic info (Kaseya name, last reboot, current user, chassis type, etc.) This may be something to *yawn* over, but it is annoying to have to add/remove them and get them in order whenever you change directions. 

    Now that the reports are going to give us access to each and every table in the database, I can forsee a lot more columns becoming available for adding to the Agent screen. Being able to save column sets in the Agent view would be handy feature to tack on for us. 

    You could utilize the empty space I have highlighted in the attached SS !@

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  • The new stuff looks really promissing. Hoping for a quick release date so I can start testing :)

  • Any kaseya employees have an update on the 6.3 release date?

    Very excited for it!!

  • Controlled Release is starting soon, so i've heard

  • @Dantheman awesome idea!!

    Really hoping 6.3 isn't too far away.

  • General Release is allegedly going to take place in Late June, Early July...

  • I've been wishing for this since I started using Kaseya... it could really turn the Agent Status view into a very efficient dashboard.  

  • will the controlled release start at the end of this month or has it already started?

  • I second this motion of dropdown filters...for the love of god please implement inline filtering like colums...this current method of needing views for everything sucks rather hard.

    In alot of cases I want to create a view for everything with Kaspersky installed and then I just want to see all the machines with a sepect status (for example)

    Currently in most cases getting a view to do exactly what you want takes 20 minutes where a filter would give me the info I needed in 3 sec.

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  • Hopefully this will be release soon and Reporting will be better

  • I think Mark is describing the Filter in Excel where you can select relevant information to filter with if that information is already contained in a column. That would work well, but we'd need to shade the information or do something obvious so that we KNOW the data is filtered, since we wouldn't be using the Views for displaying the data. That would be neat to just grab the Win 7 machines, hide >2 GB RAM, hide non Intel processors...etc. Perhaps this is a little complex for the Agent view. Would be cool tho.

    I was suggesting sets of columns for displaying relevant information, depending on what you are researching. Sometimes you want to quickly look at some agent information and your columns were all geared toward network information and now you have to go through and show machine specs and get them in proper order...

    Either feature would make nice add-ins.

  • what he said :o0