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Procedure to Copy config string to new file

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Hi guys,

im trying to create a procedure, i need to upgrade an application that has a config file (PUIStart.exe.Config) this config file has a unique serial number (<add key="SerialNumber" value="354283040148953" />) stored in it which i need to collect and insert into the new file after the upgrade. i have 500 agents that need the new software upgraded and dont really want to travel around the UK upgrading machines. Any help or suggestions on this will be appreciated.

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  • There are lots of variables to what you could do.  Can you overwrite the existing file with a new one of your choice? Then it's easy as you can store the config and write to all machines.  Are you just updating the existing config file?  If so you could use the Write Text to File procedure.

  • thanks for the reply, i'll try the write text to file procedure, will let you know the outcome.