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What is the best method of setting an Agent to automatically do a full Audit and Lan Watch after installation

  • We are going to start using Kaseya combined with Bright Gauge to produce inventory reports for prospective clients. We want to be able to send someone in who installs an Agent onto one machine.

    I want to keep manual intervention to a minimum so I would like:


    1. The Agent to do a Full Audit of the PC, including Hardware and Software

    2. The agent to LAN Watch

    After the LAN Watch, we will enter the network Admin credentials, and then install across the network. The Agents must all then do a full audit.

    The idea is that the salesman can install the agent once, have a conversation, then enter the network credentials and start the install across all machines. We'll then get the report.


    What is the best way of assigning this to a template?

  • Hi Geoff,

    Great question and something a lot of people want to do with the product.

    In order to 'queue' things up they need to be in the Agent schedule in such a way as to ensure they run the moment the agent gets installed. You may have notice that when you schedule items against an agent and then go look in Quick View or Live Connect in the 'Pending Procedures' section, that anything that is pending is highlighted in yellow: 9N5Xe8ejc

    This means this item will run as soon as it possibly can on an Agent. To get this to happen on a new account, we need to ensure that it copies from a machine account at install time that has the items you want pending. To find out how you can do that, take a look at the lms which covers how to do this with Agent Templates here: lms.kaseya.com/.../view.php

    Feel free to ping me directly if you get stuck: ray.barber@kaseya .com